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Local Church & Pastor Support


Prayer Requests

  • These pastors we work with could remain faithful and dedicated to God.

  • For wisdom in knowing how best to help these pastors reach and love the unreachable and unlovable.

  • Each of these pastors families.

 SLM also provides some physical and spiritual assistance to a number of pastors in and around Alba Iulia. By visiting, encouraging, supporting, and mentoring Romanian pastors, the SLM staff helps these churches continue to spread the gospel to a predominantly Orthodox culture.

  Our goal with this program is to give support and assistance to Christian pastors who know the language and culture, and can lead their congregation in the true ways of God. By having these pastors distribute literature (CAM's "Seed of Truth"), food and clothing parcels, seed packets, and keeping SLM informed of needy families, a lot of the "running-around" and personal interaction can be done by pastors who know the people and have their trust.


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