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Summer Bible Schools


Prayer Requests

  • Wisdom and guidance for the team leaders as they prepare for Bible School this coming year.

  • Safety for everyone involved, the many hours spent on plane and train to get here, and the many more hours spent going to and from the villages.

  • That the youth from the U.S. could understand and relate to a culture and people different from what they know at home.

  The Summer Bible School Program was started in July of  1999, when Billy Stoll headed up a team of youth from the U.S. to teach a week-long Bible School to the Romanian village children. This ministry has grown from the original one village to four villages.

   These Bible Schools provide a week of learning, excitement and attention (from Americans!) that these young children seldom get, even from some of their parents. It seems like these village children are so starved for love and attention; they absolutely soak it up during the week. Local Romanian youth have been interpreters in the past; creating a bonding between the youth from the U.S. and their interpreters. The team from the U.S. is selected from supporting churches of SLM, and varies each year.

   We hope the children learn from the love and teaching they receive, and that in a few years they can in turn have their own Summer Bible Schools. At times it seems the Romanian culture is harsh in their attitude towards children; we hope the Summer Bible School program can at least affect the lives of these neglected children. By affecting the children of today, you can change the leaders of tomorrow.


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