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Weekly Bible School


Prayer Requests

  • That the children who come each week could have the Word of God ingrained into them, so when they become older they follow the ways they have been taught.

  • For the ones who teach each week; that God would direct them in choosing the lessons and give them the strength to prepare the lesson properly.

  • That God's will would be followed in the administrating of this ministry; we could know what to do with the future of the program.

  This Weekly Bible School program is a fruit of the Summer Bible School. A few years after the first Summer Bible School we realized we wanted something to follow-up that week of teaching. Recognizing that need and seeking to fill it, we felt inspired to have a weekly bible school/study in a couple of the villages. At the present time, we are having Bible School in two villages (Berghin & Hapria) each Friday afternoon.

 We hope to continue this ministry; growing into more villages as we establish relationships through the Summer Bible School Program. Currently, one of the V.S. boys from the States is in charge each week, with some help from the local youth who interpret, and even at times teach by themselves. We are hoping that this ministry could be run entirely by some of the local people; either a group of youth or a young couple. The Summer Bible School is a great opportunity to witness and teach, but we really feel the need to have something more ongoing in some of the villages. 


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