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SLM Agro Com, Romania

 SLM Agro Com's inception was in the small village of Hapria in 1993. Hapria, located just outside the city of Alba Iulia, is still the headquarters for the ministry in Romania. The ministry's main focus at that time was on the Agricultural Program, assisting the local Romanians in working the ground, planting and harvesting crops, obtaining improved seed varieties, and learning superior farming techniques. This focus has helped SLM earn the trust, friendship and assistance of many local Romanians, paving the way for current programs like the Summer Bible Schools, weekly Children's Bible Studies, Medical Assistance, and the orphan outreach (HOPE). The Agricultural Program is still a notable part of the ministry, but the focus has shifted from the stomach (AG Program) to the soul (Bible Studies and HOPE)! 


This is a short introduction to the work in Romania. To view more detailed information on these programs, click "Programs". To view current staff, click "Staff". To view ways to support the work in Romania, including prayer requests, financial contributions and staff needs, click "Support".


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