Sponsorships for the needy in Romania.

  • These sponsorships can be individual or family, church or youth group projects. Invite your friends to join you in this outreach!
  • If you feel a burden to share with those less fortunate, please print, clip and fill in this form, and mail to:
  • In US and elsewhere:
  • In Canada:


SLM Ministries

SLM Ministries

Randy Troyer, Treasurer

c/o Alfred Kipfer

1807 CR 140

Box 312

Sugarcreek, OH 44681

Milverton, Ontario, Canada  N0K 1M0


Romanian Family Sponsors

Provides food and daily necessities for a family who cannot provide for themselves. These families are nominated by their church leaders, then undergo a home study/interview by SLM staff.

I/we would like to sponsor                  Romanian family(s) at $50.00 USD per month.
I/we would like to co-sponsor                  Romanian family(s) at $25.00 USD per month.
Please send my receipt/sponsored family information to:

Name:                                                                                 Date:                                         




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